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My youngest son is following his desire to be an entrepreneur, and one of his passions, like mine, are performance automobiles, or as he calls them, “Rides”.

He didn’t have to ask me twice for ideas, opinions or mentorship on this topic.  My personal flavor for automobiles is as diverse as my appreciation for music.  So when I had an opportunity to test drive a new Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the company inventory, my memories of my younger years came flooding back. 1969 yenko camaro
I think everyone remembers one of their first cars.  I became a Mopar fan in my early teens, only because across the street from our house, was a Dodge dealer.  Back in the early 70’s, Dodge and Plymouth had arguably the most colourful and powerful muscle cars of the era, with cartoon decals and all.  Hold on, for those of you who are ready to jump all over this about your favorite 70’s car, see my earlier comments above.  I loved them all.  Yes, everyone had a special car that was the best; whether a 427 Corvette, a Yanko Camaro, or a Boss Mustang, a 455 SD Trans Am (the list goes on and on). It was a great time for performance automobiles.

Plymouth Road Runner logo

“From a distance, this Challenger vaguely resembles its founding father, but up close and in fact, nothing about it is remotely the same”

Back then, there was a traditional fall ceremony of papering all the windows, and unloading the next year’s models for a grand reveal every September.  This was an absolute thrill.  Lime green, 440 Six Packs, or Purple convertibles with a 426 Hemi. it was amazing.  And most were priced under five grand, most in the three thousand dollar range.  For me at the time, it was Mopar or no car!  So, 40 years later (really??!!), I’ve slipped behind the wheel of a new Mopar, the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  This 6 speed, 707 Horsepower (yes, that’s no typo) asphalt burning “Ride” is just Amazing!!  From a distance, this Challenger vaguely resembles its founding father, but up close and in fact, nothing about it is remotely the same.  The size, the capabilities (read, it actually corners and brakes well) not to mention the power to weight ratio, is nothing of old.  Even the large touchscreen is advanced.  Now 707 HP is just a number relative to other numbers, but the sound and feeling of this Supercharged Hemi just rekindles the joyful memories of burnouts and bragging rights.

1971 Duster Sure, there are some fantastic and beautiful works of automotive art from Europe and Asia; with bespoke craftsmanship, materials, and leading edge technology. But, for a measure of smile per dollar, this car just went straight to the top spot.  The best part of all, it has a great sound system without the need for those big and bulky 8-track tapes.  Fantastic!

1970 mustang-boss-302

Marc Bombenon

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