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National Music Centre and Juno Week Enormous Successes

Rockabilly raises record funds for prostate cancer

Canada’s Most Powerful Women Honoured

Federal Communications Commission 101

It’s hard to talk about telecommunications without talking about the FCC. The term “FCC” can be seen throughout the media, but many of us find ourselves wondering what exactly the FCC is and why it is often talked about. What do they do and what it is that makes them controversial at times? The FCC, […]


Binge On and Net Neutrality

The FCC recently lauded Binge On, a program released by T-Mobile that allows customers to stream unlimited video content from certain providers with no cost to their data usage (a process called zero-rating). This decision carries some big implications. If you’ve been following the net neutrality debate, you may have heard about the FCC’s Open […]

Telecommunications: Radio Waves

In a broad sense of the word, telecommunication is defined as “communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting.” Most of us are familiar with Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Besides him, other notable pioneers in the telecommunications field include Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, Lee de Forest, inventor […]

Social Media

3 Useful Technological Tools for Entrepreneurs

These days, entrepreneurship extends past innovative ideas and sheer grit. In order to be successful, an entrepreneur needs a sophisticated set of skills ranging from basic communication and networking, to web design and fundraising. Tech tools have gained upward momentum and presence even outside of the tech-sphere. In other words, your company doesn’t have to be a […]

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