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Whatever Happened to the Muscle Car

My youngest son is following his desire to be an entrepreneur, and one of his passions, like mine, are performance automobiles, or as he calls them, “Rides”. He didn’t have to ask me twice for ideas, opinions or mentorship on this topic.  My personal flavor for automobiles is as diverse as my appreciation for music.  […]

National Music Centre and Juno Week Enormous Successes

Rockabilly raises record funds for prostate cancer

Canada’s Most Powerful Women Honoured

Netflix Confirms It Has Been Throttling Video Quality

We live in a society where media and entertainment are constantly being consumed. It’s an arms race to be the phone and/or internet provider that wins over the largest portion of the general public. The most recent frenzy revolves around Netflix, the media streaming giant that is dominating the streaming market. The CEO of T-Mobile, […]

“What’s The Real Difference Between 4G and 5G”?

As I mentioned last month, the telecommunications world is getting prepared for the new wave of 5G technology. Technology is evolving so rapidly, that falling behind the technological curve could quite literally destroy a business, and companies, specifically carriers, are fighting to stay in the race with the new 5G technology. It’s actually moving so […]

What’s Going On With The Next Generation of Wireless?

The realm of telecommunications will be facing a new wave of innovation as companies (and countries) begin to invest in 5G technology. The need for the next generation of technology was inevitable, as it is estimated that there will be “1,000 fold increase” in the amount of data created in the beginning half of the […]

Making City Connectedness More Accessible

As technology continues to evolve at exponential rates, it is simultaneously becoming deeply ingrained in city culture. Almost everything that we do on a day-to-day basis revolves around technology and the internet, which in the hustle and bustle means our mobile devices are the key to connecting. Shopping, ordering services, searching for jobs, and almost […]

Federal Communications Commission 101

It’s hard to talk about telecommunications without talking about the FCC. The term “FCC” can be seen throughout the media, but many of us find ourselves wondering what exactly the FCC is and why it is often talked about. What do they do and what it is that makes them controversial at times? The FCC, […]


Binge On and Net Neutrality

The FCC recently lauded Binge On, a program released by T-Mobile that allows customers to stream unlimited video content from certain providers with no cost to their data usage (a process called zero-rating). This decision carries some big implications. If you’ve been following the net neutrality debate, you may have heard about the FCC’s Open […]

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