These days, entrepreneurship extends past innovative ideas and sheer grit. In order to be successful, an entrepreneur needs a sophisticated set of skills ranging from basic communication and networking to web design and fundraising. Tech tools have gained upward momentum and presence even outside of the tech-sphere. In other words, your company doesn’t have to be a tech start-up to benefit from modern software and social tools. Without working knowledge of how to use these tools, your startup may gradually fall behind in this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog industry. Below, you will find a list of 3 useful tools that you should familiarize yourself with as soon as possible!

1. Basic HTML & CSS Coding: HTML and CSS are the building block of web development. Basic understanding of this will make drafting and tweaking company websites, online portfolios, or forums light years easier. Even if a professional web designer and developer are contracted to complete the project, by understanding the process, your expectations will align closer to the timeline and abilities of the designer and developer. Code Academy is a great way to start learning.

2. Social Media: Social media has expanded rapidly over the past few years and currently supports most media formats available. Businesses benefit from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Depending on your startup needs, other services may be more or equally useful. If your company is design or graphic media based, an Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr account would work very well. Through social media, authentic engagement between your company and users/buyers will absolutely improve your online presence, make your business seem more user-friendly and personable, and establish you as a true industry leader. Check out this article on recommended company social media policies.

3. Online Accounting & Bookkeeping: In the very beginning, it’s important to keep excellent track of company books and finances yourself. Although you may eventually hire a dedicated accounting team, understanding the books and navigating the software will not only keep records correct from day one, but will also help keep you abreast of where company funds are allocated, what’s being spent, when, where, and why. Here is an online list of 10 Online Invoicing Services.

, Of course, there are a number of other skills you should learn including SEO marketing, basic graphic design, and cloud databasing. However, these 3 tools should be immediately considered on your journey to success.

Best of luck!