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Marc Bombenon is a Business Advisor and Chairman of SureCall Contact Center, a 24/7/365 business that answers phone calls and emails on behalf of businesses in a fast, efficient, and professional manner. SureCall can help any company in nearly every aspect of its business, from customer service to sales, to help desk and more. Their mission is to help companies cut costs and increase profitability by providing the absolute highest quality of service available anywhere.

A very active member of his community and with a background in mentorship, it is no surprise that Marc Bombenon makes it his profession to help businesses when they are in need, and with whatever they need. This includes offering virtual reception, technical support, problem-solving, and emergency response, and working through many types of difficult roadblocks that are bound to hamper businesses during certain phases of their development. All of these services are available in virtually any time frame.

The SureCall business model is based on the accurate notion that their customers deserve service and experience that is not just good and not just great, but excellent and award-winning. There are two key layers to the way in which SureCall serves a given business. First, they operate on the company’s behalf and based on its specific needs. Second, they provide outstanding service directly to the customers of the company, serving individuals as well as they serve the companies who hire them.

Marc BombenonHaving worked in the telecommunications industry since the very beginning of his professional career, Marc Bombenon strives to exemplify the professionalism and experience of the agents SureCall is proud to employ, and to live up to the myriad awards and accolades that SureCall has received over the years. Marc approaches his role at SureCall just as he approaches every other aspect of his life – be it his charity work, involvement in mentorship, or interest in aviation – with devotion and personal interest.